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Who we are?

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Ankoa, is a 501 (C) (3) charitable nonprofit foundation. We are extending our hands to less fortunate people affected by not knowing what to do when they discover they are HIV positive. In these hard times, we are creating Awareness About HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is this era's pandemic. We are looking to inform and prevent the spread of this terrible disease. HIV doesn't attack just a particular kind of person. It is prevalent right now in our society and just attacking people who have little or no information about it. People like most of us. This is the reason why we are creating the Awareness About HIV campaign.


Awareness About HIV campaign is comprised of different stages of action. The most important is to show people how it is passed from one to another and what we should do after we know we have it. If we know how HIV is spread and how it can be prevented, we will diminish the epidemic's growth rate.

Ankoa, is a nonprofit organization that helps people to create HIV/AIDS consciousness. We get involved with them providing events specially designed to perform HIV tests and services to the whole community. We know it is our duty to help them in the field we know the best; direct producing and marketing. We are preparing our first 12 events that will be done one every month next year. These events will be food tastings in which we put people together in the community to disseminate information and to offer them the HIV test. We will be reaching neighborhood by neighborhood located in the Miami area each month. Families will be invited to attend as well as people from the media (TV, radio, internet and printed) which will be collaborating on informing about our cause.


Awareness About HIV Campaign is also a freeway that will allow professionals such as hairstylists, tattoo artists,  cosmetologists, and makeup artists, to develop a conversation about HIV with their clients. These professionals will be instructed on techniques to approach people in a conversational manner allowing them to explain what HIV is; how it is passed from one to another and how to prevent it. They will not invade their sociological space but they will be able to talk to them about  HIV. 

They will tell them how to prevent it and also talk about "Myths" that can shame people who are HIV positive. We believe that knowing the facts about HIV will help to prevent it and will help people who are HIV positive to live a less prejudiced life.

We have another stage to help and create consciousness among people throughout media and visual information.  It will be accomplished by the cooperation of the media in collaborating to promote different artistic events that will be implemented each year.

If you have reached this point, we are sure you are willing to help us to help others!

Contact us to get involved in our work!

Please make a donation to help us gather funds needed to pay for expenses in each seminar and event!


Thank you very much for your interest.

We will be waiting for you to help us in any way you can.




Yaari Guedexz

Executive Director

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Free seminars:

"Awareness About HIV"

The 5 keys in communication to transmit information about HIV (training.)

Beginning on January

2 Mondays from 9 am to 12 m

This seminar is free

THe SEMINAR IS designed FOR: 

Hair Dressers, Barbers, Beauticians and Cosmetologists, Tattoo Designers, and to all of those the people who want to take part in the Aware About HIV campaign. 
We will instruct you about the 5 keys of communication and how to use them in transmitting a clear message about HIV. (free seminar)


Understanding the situation, focusing on the next steps and

projecting the potentiality and goals of HIV people towards

their future.

This seminar will be given to people who received an HIV positive test result

and therefore may be depressed and have many doubts about it (this is a free seminar)

  • It would answer questions about how being HIV positive may transform your way of life and how to deal with it. 

  • It gives you answers to understand that HIV is currently not a death sentence.

  • It will guide you on how to get an appointment with a specialized doctor and get the prescribed antiretroviral therapy regimen that will allow you to live a normal life.

  • Teach you how to protect others from being infected.

  • It will give you techniques on living with HIV and keeping healthy. 

  • It will give you answers on how to boost your life and future

What we do?



We host seminars to help people who newly discover they are HIV positive. Also we help them, on the their way to know and understand what HIV is. These seminars also empower their way of thinking and clarify their future in a positive way allowing them to have a successful life
Our resources come from 3 main events we produce each year. These events are:
1) Food Tastings.
we organize a series of Food Tastings once every month in neighborhoods in the Miami area. 
We congregate people from our communities and offer to them the FREE HIV test. They enjoy a safe environment, and food from restaurants in their areas. 
We do this counting on the Donations/sponsorship from the food industry. We divide the donations they give to us in between paying for each event and paying the instructors who will hold the seminars.
2)"Laurel Award" event.
This is an instituted award that we give to the people who have helped us throughout the year with our "Awareness About HIV" campaign. The receivers are our donors, also  MDs, and nurses, personalities from the media, HIV educators, Case managers, and our volunteers.
We produce a fashion show in which we award also the most relevant designer of the year, the best hairdresser and makeup designers, and accessories designers. This event is covered by the media and is a way to demonstrate our thank you for the people who work with us throughout the whole year. Also is one of our main fundraisers
3) Nationwide telethon.
This telethon is known by the name of "Fighting Against HIV".
It is usually broadcast from 5 to 12  pm throughout our channel on the Internet. Our signal is taken by several TV channels in the country. It is another of our main fundraising events but also it helps to understand what is HIV and it is an opportunity to interview the most relevant experts about HIV.
Scientific, Medicine Doctors, and researchers have an open window to approach the people and talk about HIV.
This telethon will be held live in November 1st, 2022. This is the World Aids Days.


Send us your information. We will contact you ASAP!